Consultations are only by appointment.

Emergencies are taken care of by telephone.

Home visits can be scheduled by phone, preferably before 12h.


When there are no available online appointments, you can always call the practice at 016 233 620 for an appointment.

Please contact us by phone if your appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Each patient has the right to freely choose his/her doctor.  However under following circumstances you will be helped by another doctor :

  • emergencies are treated by the first available doctor. 

  • in case of absence due to holidays, illness, training, ...

  • when your preferred doctor is fully booked.

The call moments will still be held from 12h30 till 13h according to the schedule below:

1. Dr. Van Decraen: Tuesday and Friday

2. Dr. Wouters: Monday and Wednesday

3. Dr. Degelin: Tuesday and Friday

4. Dr. Pollers: Tuesday

5. Dr. Van Acoleyen: Monday and Wednesday

6. Dr. Sterckx: Monday and Wednesday

7. Dr. Haddioui: Wednesday and Friday

Students of KULeuven, UCLL and LUCA school of arts can book an online appointment for a COVID test at the KULeuven test center.

Opening hours secretary :
Call by preference during  the opening hours.








8–12h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

8–11h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

8–11h  en  14-18h