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Sports Medical Examination @ DE FLINT

Dear athlete,

Recently, there is a Flemish Directive for Sports Medical Fitness examination. This sports medical examination aims to give, in addition to the approval or disapproval attestation for sports, advice in order to prevent sports-related medical problems.

The examination begins with an extensive questionnaire that you must fill out online via the site prior to the consultation . On the site you can electronically send the completed questionnaire to Dr. Johan Van Acoleyen, or print it out and take it with you.

During your consultation the questionnaire is reviewed and relevant issues will be questioned. This is followed by an extensive clinical examination. If necessary an electro cardiogram or sober blood sample will be taken.


  • Appointments for sports medical fitness examination can only be made by phone : 016 23 36 20.

  • Athletes over 35 years who are not a patient in our practice should bring along their latest blood analysis in which the cholesterol value was determined.

  • This examination is classified as prevention, and is therefore not reimbursed by the RIZIV. However there are some insurances that provide a partial refund.

  • It is recommended that the sports medical examination is repeated each two years.

  • Always fill the questionnaire on before coming to the consultation!

Kind regards,

Dr. Johan Van Acoleyen

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