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Covid and flu vaccination winter 2023

Since a new Covid peak is expected mid-October, we offer covid vaccination starting the end of September. The covid vaccine will be available in our practice.

We provide separate vaccination appointments in our online agenda for you to book in the week of 2/10.

It is best to wait until the second half of October or the first half of November to get the flu vaccine.

Please note: We do NOT have flu vaccines available in our practice.

You can get the flu vaccine yourself at the pharmacy and bring it with you to the practice.

You can book a vaccination moment for this through our online agenda.

From the end of October you can also choose to have both vaccines administered simultaneously.

When booking your vaccination appointment online, you can select the vaccination you wish to receive.

During both special vaccination moments, no time is provided for other examinations, nor prescriptions. Herefore, you can book a regular consultation.


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