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8–12h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

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8–11h  en  14-18h



The call moments for results are between 12h30 and 13h00 

Is the doctor's office closed and you urgently need a doctor: call the doctor on duty starting from 19u00

During the weekend and on holidays call 1733

General practitioners
  • Sandra Pollers

  • Johan Van Acoleyen

  • Griet Degelin

  • Isabelle Wouters

  • Mieke Van Decraen

  • Hanne Sterckx

  • Jalil Haddioui

Information on Corona


tel. 0800 14 689

Students of KULeuven, UCLL and Luca school of arts can book an online appointment for a covid test at the KULeuven test center

Self Assessment Testing Covid


Starting from November 3, you can check online if you need to take a Covid test. If that is the case, you can create a code online to schedule an appointment at the test center.

The questionnaire is anonymous. To create the code, you need to fill out your personal details.

When do you need to contact the contact tracing centre?

Did you receive a red alert on your corona app? Have you been in close contact with someone who tested positive and your contact details were not given to the contact tracing centre or have you taken a positive self test? If so, please call the contact tracing centre, tel 02 214 19 19. 

PCR test for leaving travellers:



- Heilig hart hospital, Naamsestraat 105, 3000 Leuven


- open every day

- Keep in mind that the labs need till 36 hours to perform and register the test results.

Book an appointment:

How to apply for a free or paying code for a PCR test?

  1. Log in on https://mijngezondheid.be (with your eID, Itsme, …)

  2. Click on the link to request a code for a free or paying PCR test ’Een code voor een gratis of betaalde PCR test aanvragen *’ and follow the steps

  3. To book a test at a test center, click the link “Afspraak maken voor een test met een code” and follow the steps.

When you need a test for travelling, on request of the country of destination, you need to pay for your test, which cost on average 46,81 euro. For children between 6 and 17 year and for adults who did not get their full vaccination, the price of a PCR test will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 55 euro.

- The reimbursement can be used for maximum 2 timed for PCR tests taken during the months July, August and September. 

- The code for these tests need to be requested at mijngezondheid.be (still in preparation, expect to be available on June 28). You will receive an activation code for a test center for travellers. The activation code will be valid for 10 days after request. When you go to the test center with this code, you don't need to pay. These codes are valid from July 1 till September 30. 

- Travellers who need a PCR test during the month of June, will unfortunately pay for the test. 

Travelling abroad

Depending on the country, you need to follow different regulations on arrival or leaving the country.

- for travelling within Europe, you need a corona certificate, which can be downloaded from www.covidsafe.be

- At the earliest 48 hours before your return to Belgium, you need to fill out a Passenger Locater Form (PLF). 

- Every country can stipulate their own measures or limitations. You can check the travel advice from Foreign Affairs or the travel advice European Union

Corona certificate

As from June 16, the corona certificate can be requested through the free CovidSafeBE app (available for iOS and Android) and on covidsafe.be. You need your identity card and pin code or the itsme app in order to download the certificate.

You can obtain a certificate if you meet one of the following conditions:

- You are vaccinated against the coronavirus. Most countries will only accept a certificate of full vaccination. Mostly, there is a waiting period of several weeks after the day of full vaccination because only then the vaccination reaches its optimal protection point. The vaccination certificate is valid for 1 year starting from the day after vaccination.

- You have a negative PCR result. The PCR test is valid for 72 hours starting from the moment you took the test. Because laboratories need time to perform the tests and register the results, the certificate will be valid for 24 till 48 hours.

- You tested positive to the coronavirus during the last 6 months and therefore you have enough immunity. This recovery certificate is valid starting 11 days after the positive test result and remains valid up to 180 days counting from the moment of the PCR test.

Organization of consultations in De Flint during Corona

Read the following before you make an appointment :

There are 2 types of consultations possible:

  1. Telephone consultations
    In case of sneezing, coughing, sore throats, feeling flu, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea or fever.
    Please mention your name and phone number. The doctor will call you on the chosen time.

  2. Consultations in De Flint

If you come to the practice :

  • follow the guidelines indicated when entering the practice

  • put on a mouth mask (starting from 12 years)

  • you come alone, maximum one companion is allowed

  • use an electronic payment method (bank card, payconiq/bancontact app)

Please contact the doctor's office by phone if you think you require a covid test.

Home visits are made if necessary.

Prescriptions can no longer be requested by phone. Exceptions can be requested during the call moment of your doctor. 

Flu vaccination:

We organise special appointments (= griepvaccin 2 min.) for patients who only need to get a flu vaccine in the last week of October. Please register.