General Practitioners Medical Centre

Opening hours secretary :








8–12h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

8–12h  en  14-18h

8–11h  en  14-18h

8–11h  en  14-18h



The call moments for results are between 12h30 and 13h00 

Is the doctor's office closed and you urgently need a doctor: call the doctor on duty starting from 19u00

During the weekend and on holidays call 1733

General practitioners
  • Sandra Pollers

  • Johan Van Acoleyen

  • Griet Degelin

  • Isabelle Wouters

  • Mieke Van Decraen

  • Hanne Sterckx

  • Jalil Haddioui

Information on Corona


tel. 0800 14 689

Students of KULeuven, UCLL and Luca school of arts can book an online appointment for a covid test at the KULeuven test center

Organization of consultations in De Flint during Corona

Read the following before you make an appointment :

There are 2 types of consultations possible:

  1. Telephone consultations
    In case of sneezing, coughing, sore throats, feeling flu, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea or fever.
    Please mention your name and phone number. The doctor will call you on the chosen time.

  2. Consultations in De Flint

If you come to the practice :

  • follow the guidelines indicated when entering the practice

  • put on a mouth mask (starting from 12 years)

  • you come alone, maximum one companion is allowed

  • use an electronic payment method (bank card, payconiq/bancontact app)

Please contact the doctor's office by phone if you think you require a covid test.

Home visits are made if necessary.

Prescriptions can no longer be requested by phone. Exceptions can be requested during the call moment of your doctor. 

Flu vaccination:

We organise special appointments (= griepvaccin 2 min.) for patients who only need to get a flu vaccine in the last week of October. Please register.

Bel 112 bij een levensbedreigende situatie!!